"Since I moved to the Upper West Side six years ago, Ansche Chesed has become the home
where I feel most alive. It is a place of spiritual excitement, musical delight,
intellectual stimulation, and a loving community. I don't know of another Jewish
community that offers so much at so high a level, and such dear, loving hearts.
There's no place like home!"          -- Bettyrose Nelson

Congregation Ansche Chesed is an egalitarian, participatory Conservative synagogue, filled with learning, prayer, celebration and social action. We strive to enable people to enter our community and find their place in any of our activities.

From babies and toddlers to seniors, we offer a rich array of programming.  We are a diverse community that comes together to pray, to learn, to laugh and to cry.  There is something for everyone here: Shabbat, holiday and daily services, organic vegetables in our lobby, writers reading on our roof, opportunities for social action, and classes for people of all ages all backgrounds.

We welcome you!

"Ansche Chesed is home to thoughtful, questioning Jews dedicated to prayer,
learning and action. It's a synagogue where tikkun olam is not just
another mantra; it's a place where Jewish values are taken seriously
and where I feel proud to belong."       --Michael Wise