Attendance: We are not requiring pre-registration to attend Shabbat services. There is no maximum attendance limit. However, please do not attend if you have any symptoms of illness.

Vaccination: Attendees should have received all vaccines for which they are eligible, including booster shots.

Proof of Vaccination: We are no longer requiring that attendees provide proof of vaccination. We are employing the “honor system,” and trust that our community will continue to guard the health of others, as we have learned to do over the past two years. 

Masks: We continue to follow the recommendations of our medical advisors, and ask that everyone continues to wear masks while in the synagogue building. Those leading prayers, reading Torah or taking speaking roles can remove their masks while leading. Masks can also be removed while eating during Kiddush. We will revisit our mask policy in late-March. 

Social Distancing: The Sanctuary pews near the windows and in the balcony are available for any attendees who would like to maintain social distance.

Ventilation: Windows will be open in the davvening spaces.

Shabbat services will remain accessible via the Livestream on the website and via the Zoom link at

Thank you to our staff, officers, and especially our medical advisors for helping us develop these policies, which necessarily will evolve as conditions change.