Ansche Chesed Hebrew School

Meaningful Jewish living and learning in an open-minded, egalitarian community.

At the Ansche Chesed Hebrew School, learners are on a path toward bringing Torah into their lives. We help children discover their spirituality, learn to live the rhythms of Jewish life, discover themselves as members of the Jewish people, and become ansche chesed, people of kindness. Students study Torah; Israel; the Jewish life cycle and calendar; Jewish values, history and identity; mitzvot (commandments); and Hebrew. Creative, dedicated and experienced teachers instruct through lessons infused with music, art, acting, and movement.

The curriculum has many special programs and features, including student-generated projects that focus on gemilut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness) and tzedakah (acts of generosity); weekly time set aside for tefillah (prayer) and kehillah (community); family programs; and Shabbat experiences with the Ansche Chesed community.

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Ansche Chesed Hebrew School Resources

  • Parent Handbook: The Parent Handbook is the best way to keep on top of important school policies and information. It contains important phone numbers and email addresses, a description of the curriculum by grade level, information on special programs for families and students, and attendance and tuition policies. ACHS Parent Handbook 2020 – 2021
  • ACHS Calendar: Click here to download for 2020-2021
  • Academic Calendar: ACHS will begin this year on Tuesday, October 13, 2020 and will conclude on Thursday, May 27, 2021.

We encourage registered ACHS families to join AC Holiday Family Services and Programs (both virtual and in-person, if possible) for FREE in September and early October.

Tuition & Schedule for 5781 | 2020-2021

  • Please Note: This schedule does not reflect scholarships for which your child/children may be eligible.

The Hebrew School times below are for “ACHS@Home” for our Fall Semester, from October 13th, 2020 through December 17th, 2020.

If we are able to transition to in-person classes at any point in the Winter/Spring Semesters 2021, we intend to adjust some of the beginning and end times of classes, to more fully line up with previous years’ Hebrew School schedules. We have intentionally shortened class times for our Virtual learning model, in order to reduce screen time at the end of our students’ school days.

Please be in touch with Rabbi Yael at with any questions or concerns. We will do our best to accommodate all students virtually this Fall.

GradeDay and TimeMembersNon- Members
Nitzanim (Pre-K)Wednesday, 4-5pm$1,200$1,400
Gan (Kindergarten)Wednesday, 4-5pm$1,200$1,400
Alef (First Grade)Wednesday, 4-5:15pm$1,300$1,500
Bet (Second Grade)Wednesday, 4-5:30pm$1,300$1,500
Gimmel (Third Grade)Tuesday & Thursday, 4-5:30pm$1,800
Dalet (Fourth Grade)Tuesday & Thursday, 4-5:30pm$1,800
Hey (Fifth Grade)Tuesday & Thursday, 4-5:30pm$1,800
Vav (Sixth Grade)Tuesday & Thursday, 4-5:15pm$1,700
Zayin (Seventh Grade)Thursday, 4-5:15pm$1,300
Halutzim (Eighth Grade)Thursday, 6-7:15pm$360 (1x a month)
Derech ChesedPrivately Scheduled$1,800


Pre-K: Nitzanim1x weekCelebrations
Grade K: Gan1x weekSacred Time and Sacred Objects
Grade 1: Aleph1x weekSacred Stories and Sacred Language
Grade 2: Bet1x weekCycles of Discovery: Hebrew Language and the Jewish Calendar
Grade 3: Gimel2x weekTools for Jewish Living: Mitzvot (commandments) and Middot (values)
Grade 4: Dalet2x weekJewish Citizenship: Menschlichkeit and Modern Israel
Grade 5: Hey2x weekLiving a Jewish Life: Text and Tradition
Grade 6: Vav2x weekJewish Identity: Self and Community
Grade 7: Zayin1x weekGrowing Up Jewish: Identity, Rights and  Responsibilities
Grade 8: Halutzim1x monthGemilut Chesed (good works): Study and Practice

Derech Chesed: Personalized Learning

Because formal Hebrew school is not right for every child or every family, Ansche Chesed offers Derech Chesed (the path of kindness), a personalized program of Jewish learning for students in Grades K-5. Derech Chesed helps children and families create meaningful Jewish experiences within the Ansche Chesed community but outside of the bounds of traditional Hebrew school. With the help of a madrich (guide or tutor) with whom each Derech Chesed student meets each week, students develop individualized learning plans that address their interests and complement their families’ Jewish practices. Madrichim meet with students in at home, involving other members of the family whenever possible. Derech Chesed students come together with the other Ansche Chesed Hebrew School students during community holiday celebrations.


  • Membership: The Ansche Chesed Hebrew School is open to children in Pre-K–Grade 2 regardless of whether their families are members of Ansche Chesed. Families with children entering Grade 3 and above must be members in good standing of AnscheChesed in order to enroll their children. Information on membership can be found on our membership page.
  • Consultation: To discuss which class or program is right for your child, please contact Rabbi Yael Hammerman, Associate Rabbi (, 212.865.0600 ext. 208).
  • Tuition and Class Schedule: For the current year’s Tuition and Class Schedule, please see above.
  • Application Form: To enroll your child in an Ansche Chesed Hebrew School program, please complete the online application or print and complete the print version and return it to Rabbi Yael Hammerman, Ansche Chesed, 251 West 100th Street, New York, NY 10025.
  • Financial Need: We do not turn away students because of financial need. To discuss the possibility of a scholarship, please contact Ansche Chesed Executive Director Josh Hanft (, 212-865-0600 x 209).