This Shabbat

Adult Services
9:15 am Shabbat Morning Study, Chapel (1st fl.), with Rabbi Kalmanofsky
9:45 am Sanctuary Service
10 am Minyan M’at 5N
10 am West Side Minyan 6th fl. (alternating weeks with Minyan Rimonim)
10 am Minyan Rimonim, 6th fl. (alternating weeks with West Side Minyan)
10 am Learner’s Minyan, Room 3N
Children’s Services
11 am Big Kids’ Service, Chapel (1st floor) For children in Grade 3 through pre-b’nai mitzvah age
11:15 am Mishpacha Service, Room 2N (2nd floor) For families with children preschool age and younger
11:15 am Yigdal Service, Room 2S (2nd floor) For families with children in preschool through Grade 2

Weekly Minyanim

7:20 am Mondays and Thursdays
7:30 am Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Fridays
8:30 am Sundays and National Holidays