Bat Mitzvah of Ayelet Medjuck-Bruckner

Ayelet Medjuck-Bruckner is a 7th grader at the Abraham Joshua Heschel middle school. She also attended Yaldaynu as a preschooler and Beit Rabban Day School for elementary.

Her Simchat Bat was at Ansche Chesed and she has been a service regular ever since along with her parents, Bena and Gustavo, and siblings, Noam, Yaffa and Sivan.

Ayelet plays soccer, is on the school cross country team and is an incredibly creative artist. She helped design her kippah and dress.

She loves spending summers at Eden Village Camp and at her grandmother’s cottage in Shediac, Canada. She is thrilled to become an adult member of the congregation and to celebrate this day with the Ansche Chesed community and her family and friends.