Dew Drops

מוריד הטל/Morid ha’tal, “Who makes the dew drop.” משיב הרוח ומוריד הגשם/ Mashiv ha’ruah u’morid ha’geshem, “Who makes the wind blow and makes the rain fall.” The second blessing of the Amidah is marked with little prayerful weather reports: In the rainy season of the Land of Israel – from Shmini Atzeret at the end of Sukkot until… Read more »

מחיה המתים/ Mechayeh HaMetim, “God resurrects the dead.”

Compared with Christianity, Judaism has always been light on dogma and heavy on behavior. Since the early church, Christians persecuted heretics for espousing the “wrong” version of Jesus’ divinity and the like. But we Jews have never been so numerous that we could afford to expel people too hastily. With the notable exception of Maimonides,… Read more »

קונה הכל/Koneh HaKol, “God possesses all.”

Happy Tuesday! After a summer hiatus, I am returning to Tefillah Tuesdays. Our progress through the liturgy, has brought us to the first paragraph of the Amidah. Today, let’s linger over the phrase above, קונה הכל/Koneh HaKol, affirming that “God possesses all.” Like so much in the prayer book, this is a biblical allusion: After… Read more »

Reflections on the New Sanctuary Coalition Accompaniment Training

Ansche Chesed hosted The New Sanctuary Coalition (NSC) for an Accompaniment Training. The Accompaniment training was open to Ansche Chesed members, as well as the wider community. We had an overflowing room with over 100 individuals present for the training. The NSC accompaniment program recruits and trains volunteers to accompany people facing deportation to their… Read more »

God of Abraham … and Job?

The God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Sarah, Rebecca, Rachel and Leah. Who else belongs on the list of sainted ancestors that begins our Amidah? I want to share with you a daring, stimulating and challenging midrash that may provide a harmonic note for your prayer. An early medieval midrash, Pesikta Rabbati (Aharei Mot, #47), includes… Read more »